About Us

Sunset Hill Farm is the result of a dream and joke.  Duane has a passion for the land that he grew up on and took an idea his dad planted into his mind and spirit and has created a wonderful place for families to enhance their holiday memories.  

He said his dad made a joke about growing Christmas trees in Texas when he finished his term serving for the Air force in WWII. Duane’s dad, Pat, would tell about how his buddies had asked him “What are you going to do now that you are out”. He wittingly replied “I think I’ll grow Christmas trees in Texas”. Growing Christmas trees was almost unheard of back then because Texas was and still is such a dry, hot state.

Duane joined the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association of Texas and started learning everything he could. Planting the first of many trees 19 years ago, he has been fortunate to continue business through horrific droughts, pestilence, floods and even fires. Farming is not for the weak at heart. You must be able to work hard, persevere, adapt and most importantly pray… Let me say that again Pray!! He has learned to be very dependent upon God because as much as he would like to, he can’t control the weather. He has also learned to do all things for and through Christ. When he tried to do things just for profit nothing worked but when he dedicated everything to Him and His purpose, he has been blessed many times over. It may not be monetary blessings but he can tell you story after story of the people that have been blessed and touched because the doors are open. Through the Olde Tyme Christmas event 14 foreign mission trips across the World have been supported. Through the “Give a Bear Hug to Seniors” he was able to provide Christmas gifts and hugs almost every year since opening. This is definitely a family run business. The kids worked their whole life on the farm and come back every Christmas as they can to help. There are friends who volunteer to help every year just so that we can spread the love of Christ.

My customers are not just customers, they become family. There are now adults coming every year who would come with their parents when they were kids. It is Duane’s hope they you will choose Sunset Hill Farm and become part of the family as well.

“Anyone looking for a fun experience getting a fresh tree or wreath? We have gone to this place for a few years now, and just love the people, the atmosphere, and of course the trees and fresh wreaths! “ Alyssa Dunnahoe

“We adored visiting your farm today! Not only were the trees great, there were a ton of activities for the kids that made this trip memorable. See you guys next year! “ Chelsea Keadle Nation

“This was our first year to go. We loved it! Sweet people and such an adorable place. A new family tradition ❤️”Shari Mcbride